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Error and Omissions Insurance

It is important to understand that Error & Omissions Insurance is not the same as Liability Insurance.

Liability Insurance covers indemnity claims.


Error and Omissions Insurance covers you against claims for damages for things like intellectual property violations, data breaches, reputation and other intangible property.

  • Your assets; will help protect against negligence, misrepresentation and incorrect information.

  • Filmmakers must have Error & Omissions Insurance if they want to distribute their movies through a distribution company or on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO.

  • If you are producing any creative work that reuses someone else's content, you should consider purchasing this insurance.

  • Your Errors and Omissions policy will protect you if you encounter legal claims that you have violated someone's copyright, defame someone, violate someone's privacy, or make a mistake that costs someone else money.

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