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Image by Wesley Tingey
Disgrace Insurance

The scandals in the arts - entertainment - sports sectors and associated with famous figures also put production companies and other organizations working with these people in a difficult situation. The loss of reputation as a result of the events experienced also causes serious financial damage to the organizations on which these people work.

When artists in the entertainment industry violate societal norms (such as sexual assault, physical harassment, assault, or worse), their image is damaged. However, the producer companies working with them also suffer serious losses both materially and morally.
"Disgrace Insurance" covers damages that may occur due to any behavior or attitude contrary to general etiquette. These behaviors and attitudes may be described as "humiliating or offensive" towards directors, producers or actors/actresses. "Disgrace Insurance" excludes people who have been sentenced before or individuals with a history of ill-treatment.

Cost-effective productions and production companies and similar organizations now think twice before working with potential losers. The costs of "Disgrace Insurance" are much lower than the cost of abandoning a production or re-acting as a result of an embarrassing act. This category includes not only the media / entertainment industry, but also people who are famous in all social areas.

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