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Occupational Disability Insurance

When the comedian of the 1920s in Hollywood, Ben Turpin, started to insure his trademark squint eyes for the first time with the 25.00 USD Lloyd's of London policy, policies started to be made in case celebrities or artists could not do their main profession due to the loss of body parts.

Many celebrities followed this trend over time.

Although the main purpose seems to be to reinforce the name with high amounts, it is the concern of not being able to maintain the standard that he is used to due to reasons such as the artist being unable to do his job as a result of a possible accident, the termination of advertising agreements, and the inability to make new business contracts.

Image by Alfons Morales

Examples from the World

The famous actor was insured for 9.5 million USD during the movie Quantum of Solace.

Julia Roberts

The smile of the famous actress was fully insured for 30 million USD.

Michael Flatney

The legs of the famous dancer were insured for 40 Million USD.

The legs of the famous football player were insured for 70 million USD.

The famous latin singer has insured her hips for 300 million USD.

David Beckham

Daniel Craig

Jennifer Lopez

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